When it comes to spend within a business, ignorance is not bliss.

Using our state-of-the-art AI platform UBRE®, we provide finance leaders with never-before-seen internal insights and a single source of truth regarding expenditure.

Spendkey uncovers behaviours, trends, risks and opportunities deeply buried in your raw spend data. We deliver customised, real-time insights that can radically transform your operations, decision-making abilities, and improve your EBITDA.

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This Earnings Growth Spotlight® will help you improve your spend data integrity to reveal hidden insights and empower you to make data-led decisions.

The end result: You'll have multiple entry points for earnings growth. Faster than ever.

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  • Messy data costs the US economy $3 trillion a year.
  • 60% of data-errors are caused by humans.

Problems of Dirty Spend Data

Dirty data and hidden risks are like icebergs – challenging to see and disastrous to hit.

  • Raw spend data is often chaotic, siloed and complex. It is incomplete, inconsistent, unstructured and comes in a range of formats, languages or currencies.
  • Internally, everyone will have their own view on what they are spending, but nobody understands the big picture.
  • Existing systems are often extremely slow and wildly inaccurate.

Spendkey takes pre-existing data and simply turns it into easy-to-use graphs.

Implementing spend analytics requires overwhelming effort from you and your team.


We use our own state-of-the-art AI platform UBRE® to provide you with powerful, never-seen-before insights that generate a holistic view of where money is being spent across categories and suppliers.

Implementation is not like other chaotic IT projects. Just send us your data, help us review it, and that's it. You'll be up and running with only a couple of hours of effort from you and your team.


We can take data from across the whole of your business, unify and process it – while eradicating existing errors – to provide you with a single, truthful view of your overall expenditure.

Introducing our UBRE® Platform

We’re exceptionally proud of UBRE®, which was developed by Spendkey’s two co-founders, Alex Grundy and Akshay Upadhye. They have already used this methodology to help clients add hundreds of millions of pounds to their bottom-line.

Identify targeted opportunities across all areas of spend including:

  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Facilities management
  • Professional services
  • Raw material and more...

Create accurate scenario planning and forecasts for:

  • digital transformation

  • operational

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • controlling risk

  • optimising cash deployment

  • working capital

  • ESG

  • cost reduction

Create accurate scenario planning and forecasts for:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Operational Efficiencies

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Operational Risk            

  • Regulatory Risk

  • Working Capital

  • ESG

  • Cost Reduction

  • Activity Based Costing

A robust single-version-of-the-truth

Every spend transaction is analysed, researched from multiple secondary data sources and consistently classified using powerful AI to plug the gaps. This ensures that the integrity of your spend data is maintained on an ongoing basis.

"It's great to see that you understand our underlying data quality challenges/issues and have ready-made solutions to address them. Often, many providers take a helicopter view that is detached from reality."
Akbar Suleymanov, Senior Finance Director at Mundipharma 

Powerful insights delivered in a usable way

We provide intuitive, meaningful and usable dashboards that enable you to compare, filter and focus on never-seen-before information.

"Clients want the empirical data to support decisions, and quite rightly so."
Rosalyn Olney, Director at Source-Re

What-if Analysis

Model scenarios and make predictions in real time. What if the situation in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions against Russia escalate even further? What if spend were reduced by 3%? What if inflation hit 10%? We can help you plan for these, and more.

"They're new, but they have a winning team and a strong vision. With tenacity, Spendkey will likely become another name you know within two years".