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Our Story

Founders Alex and Akshay used to work together at a leading strategic consulting firm. Four years ago, they were sitting in an office canteen (remember them?) when they identified a gap in the market in terms of speed and accuracy. They knew that, combined, they had the right ability and experience to come up with a pioneering technical solution that would cater to the very specific needs of the C-suite audience.

About us

We’re Spendkey.  We help companies unlock hidden insights and improve earnings growth through data driven decisions.

We’re founded by seasoned transformation consultants who have already helped hundreds of business leaders make data-driven decisions to deploy cash effectively.

We’ve previously used so-called market-leading spend analytics tools. And then quickly realised that they are not fit for purpose…

… which led us to launch what we believe to be the world’s first trustworthy spend analytics platform.

The UBRE® methodology has been leveraged by Spendkey’s co-founders Alex and Akshay for years.

They used it to help clients add hundreds of millions to their bottom-line. Without this methodology, many opportunities go unnoticed and unrecognised. Business leaders guess and wing it most of the time. And then wonder if they made the right decision…

Spendkey’s UBRE® platform automates this process using state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

Our Team


Alex Grundy


Akshay Upadhye


Amol Malpani

Head of Service Delivery

Shashikant Mundlik

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This means that, as a finance leader, you’ll know exactly where to place your bets.

You’ll also be comforted by the knowledge that this information is backed up by empirical data.

Unlike other platforms, ours works.

Spendkey can handle extreme volumes of data and can process transactions in fractions of seconds.

We are uniquely positioned to build you a robust spend data foundation from ambiguous and complex expenditure with
precisions and pace.

By using Spendkey, you’ll be able to translate spend data into tangible business benefits and take control of you most critical performance indicators.

"They're new, but they have a winning team and a strong vision. With tenacity, Spendkey will likely become another name you know within two years"


"We would not have been able to deliver on our 5-week assignmentwithout getting spend insights in under 2 weeks from Spendkey"

Rosalyn Olney, Co-founder & Director at Source-Re

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