Our services go beyond data and visuals, we co-create a cost diagnostic, outlining what you need to know, as action-orientated statements.

We employ rapid data processing using smart proprietary algorithms to cleanse, validate and re-categorise into our standardised enterprise taxonomy.

Our power BI dashboard brings data to life, enabling the user’s to collaborate with stakeholders in confidence. We incorporate data feeds from multiple sources all in one place, so that the user can  access an entirely new set of business views and insights anywhere, anytime.

Functional Benefits for you:

Get sustainable insights at the touch of a button
Rely on relevant and accurate analytics to support optimal decision-making
Instantly collaborate with stakeholders
Easy to use with five levels of classification
Best in class enterprise taxonomy
100% spend visibility
Gain insights from trend analysis and organisation behaviours
Identify levers and build strategies to impact EBITDA

Software Benefits for you:

We are a complete SaaS solution with data integration, ML and BI capabilities along with a rich web user interface.
Our  software allows  the user to upload or pull spend data automatically from ERP’s or similar systems.
Spendkey ML algorithms can automatically classify new spend data into taxonomies based on previous learning.
Spendkey ML algorithm can also provide classification accuracy probability(0% to 100%) so that human procurement experts can correct/override low accuracy probability data through our web-based intuitive user interface.
Spendkey ML goes beyond new spend classification. It can spot errors made in previous rule-based classifications by human procurement experts.
The software provides best in class spend analytics BI for making the right business decisions and uncovering hidden insights.
Proprietary machine learning algorithms delivering incredible accuracy

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