Decision making is a tough task, but the decision-makers are tougher.

With the ever-changing internal and external dynamics, decision making is a challenging task today more than ever. Top-level executives share the critical responsibility of shielding the organization from risks and uncertainties, at all levels.

Real time access to simple and meaningful data that you can trust is the most efficient way of making confident decisions. So, where does this data and more importantly, the insights come from?

The critical solution is - A Spend Analytics as a Service (SAaaS) Solution. Welcome to Spendkey.

Spendkey is built by an experienced team of strategic sourcing professionals who have spent decades working on delivering category strategies to the world-renowned brands.  One of the key differentiators for Spendkey is the use of best-in-breed technologies that include artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learning from our personal experience as professionals, the  powerful, proprietary algorithms of Spendkey drive a learning system that self-corrects, delivering incredible accuracy and insights into spend data in real-time.

To sum it up, we have simplified the complex and opened access to qualitative, relevant data in just a click.
Simplicity: We present complex information in a user friendly, intuitive and easy to use format.
Transparency: We provide a holistic picture in order to be effective and efficient.
Innovation: We constantly evolve to open new sustainable pathways

How we’re different

Spendkey’s grounded culture and a clear set of values lead the long-term strategy and daily operations for achieving the company’s as well as its client’ goals.

We convert large amounts of data into profitable opportunities with the leading analysis solution and let us be your one-stop solution to sustainable insights. At Spendkey, our team’s first-hand knowledge of working in the industry creates a transparent working relationship between the client and the company. Let’s give you more reasons to choose us!

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